World of Naperville on Vacation in South Haven, Michigan

I’m sending my best to everyone in Naperville as my family and I enjoy a wonderful vacation in South Haven, Michigan.  For anyone who has not been to South Haven, I recommend a visit as there are many wonderful attributes to this quaint little lakeshore town.  The harbor reminds me allot of a New England town with the downtown area reminding me allot of our hometown of Naperville.  

Ironically, the other day as my boys and I were swimming back to the beach I was approached by a woman who asked if I would swim out and help her sons get back to shore as they had a large thick floating mat and were struggling a bit as they drifted further out into the lake.  After helping them back to the shore, my wife and I were talking with the boy’s mother and ironically learned that she was the sister of Naperville’s own Ray Kinney.  Small world indeed… especially when it comes to world of Naperville.


2 responses to “World of Naperville on Vacation in South Haven, Michigan

  1. Stuart –

    I can’t thank you enough for saving my nephew! I truly appreciate it. 🙂
    I hope my sister was nice to you after your heroic efforts! That “thick floating mat” was a gift from my good friend Stephanie Penick, the wonderful lady that publishes Positively Naperville – it has provided hours of entertainment for my family. South Haven, as you have discovered is a wonderful family vacation spot, the beach is nice, the water clean (no salt!) and you get California sunsets 2.5 hours from Naperville. My family has been going there for some years now and always enjoy a week at the beach – there are quite a few Napervillians that also enjoy South Haven, maybe you will run into some. Make sure you stop by the Thirsty Perch for the bottomless bucket of perch!

    I love the website! I appreciate the coverage you have given to the North Central College Fine Arts Center and the efforts of the College. We are very fortunate to have North Central providing the cultural offerings we have and this new Fine Arts Center will be a welcome addition to the Downtown, continuing to make Naperville a great place to live, work and play!

    Would love to grab a cup of coffee and chat about all things Naperville when you retunr, have a safe trip home!

    Ray Kinney

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