Downtown Naperville Photographs by Stuart Meyer

Photography is one of my many artistic passions.  Downtown Naperville has served as a wonderful subject over the past couple of years.  No matter how many times I head out with my camera, there is always something new that I find in experiencing downtown through my viewfinder.  There’s no better way to appreciate the form, symmetry, textures and overall architecture of a community than to view it from the many angles and perspectives of the photographic eye.  Below are a few of my favorite pictures from my personal photo collection.  You will quickly notice that I love to utilize black-and-white prints of many of my Naperville pictures as it elicits vintage charm of our community.    


This arching rail can be found just west of Eagle Street overlooking the paddleboat quarry.


A set of three benches beneath a shelter located near the corner of Eagle Street and Aurora Avenue, which reminds me a bit of Paris.


The Carillon on Rotary Hill reflecting upon the tranquil waters of the paddleboat quarry.


The flowing curves of the Riverwalk in late Fall.


The two signature arch windows of the old city hall which now houses La Sorella di Francesca.  This is one of my favorite architectural features of downtown which has endured since the turn of the last century.


A pavillon just off of the Riverwalk with its peaceful benches overlooking the Eagle Street bridge. 


The giant trunk of an old tree meeting the stone wall of the Riverwalk joining the past and present along the DuPage River where Joe Naper and Naperville’s earliest settlers established roots of their own.


The curving symmetry of the outdoor ampitheatre which resides in the dip of the Riverwalk between Main Street and Eagle Street.


Vintage Naperville architecture still thriving thanks to its modern occupants.  I personally love how these interconnected buildings have their own unique break lines with color and textures which create unique character for each space.


The Riverwalks true residents basking in the calm glassy waters of the DuPage River. 

Please note that all images above are copyrighted materials with all rights reserved by Stuart Meyer.  Unauthorized reproduction or use of the images is prohibited.  If you are interested in using any of these images or obtaining prints, please contact me at  


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