New North Central Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center a Huge Opportunity for Naperville

For the past four years, the one element of Naperville which has puzzled me is the notable lack of a defining and galvanizing community-based center devoted towards innovative arts programs and performance.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of community performance groups, venues, visual arts organizations, festivals, college arts programs, exceptional high school music programs, dance programs and sources for arts instruction; however, there didn’t seem to be a consistent center-point or crossroads to bring it all together.  One of my first postings to the World of Naperville over a year ago dealt with this issue and rather than repeat everything I said here in this posting, I have linked the original posting below:

ORIGIN of my Naperville ArtsVision 

As you can imagine, I have followed the news and construction of the new North Central College Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center with immense interest.  Even more, I am  excited by the fact the facility will be largely available and accessible to our community in addition to use by the college. 

Here is our opportunity… our galvanizing moment to build something innovative and exciting in giving Naperville a true centerpiece for world class arts.  The new facility could not only bring the creative energies of our community arts groups into a centralized space but also foster new and innovative fusion arts programs to strengthen the artistic soul and appeal of our community. 

Additionally, there is plenty of research and statistics which prove the tangible and intangible economic impact of the arts.  Given the existing appeal of Downtown Naperville, the experience of either visiting or residing in Naperville can be greatly enhanced if we can come together as a community and truly create something special.

Though North Central has raised quite a bit of money as construction continues, there is still a need for money to support the new Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center.  If you are interested in donating or simply learning more about the facility, visit the links below:

Fine Arts Center Home: 

To Support :

For large donor or corporate gifts, you can contact:

Barbara Knuckles
Managing Director of Development and Corporate Relations
John Holmberg
Capital Gifts Officer

Remember, money will build this facility, but it is the energy and creative talent of our community that can provide the heart and soul.  Let’s work together to build upon the strong foundation which has already been built to take Naperville to the next level in becoming a world class arts community.


4 responses to “New North Central Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center a Huge Opportunity for Naperville

  1. Stuart.

    I was doing some research for a website my brother and I have been putting together for quite a while, and stumbled on your blog. This is not a plug for our site, just wanted to say I agree with your take on Naperville – grew up here and for a city so highly regarded as a great place to live, there are a lot of loose ends when it comes to a central place to share what all there is to offer. Anyway, we hope to help that cause with our project in some way.

    I will stay posted to your blog.

    Best wishes.


  2. Pat,

    Thanks for your comment and perspective. Please keep those thoughts rolling.

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  4. Hi Stuart,

    I am new to the blogosphere but I wanted to offer a comment about finding our purpose in life. I found purpose in the care and development of an autistic son. As a result of this unique experience, I have learned to appreciate so many blessings that I did not know existed in my own life.

    I have learned the importance of family and the joy that comes with giving without regard for what I might receive in return.

    I could write volumes describing my newly found views on our human condition, but I have also found yet another purpose and that is to share music as a songwriter, musician, and publisher. I can now work from home and provide care to my son who has taught me more than I can express with words. I have stumbled upon a whole new dimension in my life that I never realized and would never have the courage to consider if it were not for unusual circumstances.

    My point is, I was lucky to find so much joy by accident. Sometimes, out of difficult circumstances, we can find a new path. It is there for all of us if we have the courage to believe in ourselves and our own unique combination of skills and experience.

    Kind regards,


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