Route 59 Traffic is a Big Naperville Deterrent and Top 5 Ways to “Improve” Traffic Flow

Having listened to the recent surge in debate over Route 59 traffic, I feel compelled to share my own story about a visit to Naperville over seven years ago.  At the time, I was conducting a preliminary suburban house search and came down into Naperville via Route 59 from a visit to St. Charles.  I can recall as I sat in the traffic snarl starting at I-88 moving South that I would never want to live near this mess.  Well, the irony is clear as I was wooed by the overall charm of Naperville and presently do not live that far from Route 59 (use Fort Hill Drive extensively); however, from an economic and residential standpoint the Route 59 traffic not only continues to be a major deterrent for the area but also continues to grow out of control as widespread development occurs between I-88 all the way down into Plainfield.

What’s the impact?  one thing I’ve noticed over the last year is the closure of a number of restaurants and businesses along the Naperville stretch of Route 59, quite possibly because nobody wants to go near the stretch of road if they don’t have to.  Clearly, the situation will only continue to grow worse if nothing is done to alleviate the congestion.

With that said, I’d like to curb the frustration for those of you who may be forced to experience Route 59 on a daily basis by presenting a light-hearted top 5 list of ways to fix Route 59 Traffic:

5)  Develop a network of colorful overhead gondolas to transport people up-and-down Route 59.

4)  Construct an attractive and flowing network of waterways on each side of Route 59 to create “Route59walk” where people can stroll alongside Route 59’s meandering waters in lieu of driving.

3)  Two words for our Boston area natives living in Naperville… “Big Dig”

2)  Kidnap the chief architect of the star line project and send in a double-agent impostor to quietly redraw the lines to run along Route 59 with a number of extra stops.

1)  Rally behind passage of Governor Blagojevich’s gross receipts tax proposal…. as Route 59 merchants are forced out-of-business there would be fewer reasons for people to travel down Route 59.


2 responses to “Route 59 Traffic is a Big Naperville Deterrent and Top 5 Ways to “Improve” Traffic Flow

  1. How about rezoning some of the commercial areas into farmland? 🙂

    The true ideal, in my mind, would be for some large companies to move out to the suburbs from downtown. I’m surprised more haven’t done it already.

  2. Austin. Farmland… that’s funny… we could call it regressive economic development… or economic undevelopment. Of course, corporate agriculture is big business… unfortunately, family farms aren’t so much these days.

    I’m with you on why larger corporations don’t find their way West… this is one of motivations for this BLOG which is to show the world the wonderful degree of balance we have achieved as a world class place to live, work and play. I lived in a number of different northside neighborhoods in the city (Roscoe Village, Lakeview, Wrigleyville) and, in my mind, Downtown Naperville captures the same feel and experience as Chicago’s great neighborhoods… with far less crime.

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