Naper Main LLC gets Green Light on the New Downtown Naperville Development Project

Based on recent action in the City Council Chambers, I am very excited to hear that a new mixed residential/commercial use project is in the works for the area around Main St. and Van Buren.  The developer will be Naper Main LLC.  In terms of adding to the downtown “experience”, mixed-use, in my estimation, is the way to go in creating added vibrancy and a more city/urban feel.

At the same time, as we’ve recently learned in Naperville, new development can either enhance or detract from the downtown experience.  Further, a thorough marketplace analysis is truly a must when introducing any new business or development to the thriving downtown area.  To succeed, all businesses must know their audiences and be able to separate emotion from logic when determining the marketplace viability of their idea or concept. 

As for aesthetics, I am always in hopes that new downtown development will encompass a complimentary form of unique character to add to an already unique downtown architectural mix. 

With that said, I wish Naper Main LLC the very best as they embark upon the next phase of Downtown Naperville development.     


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