Naperville’s Dandelion Fountain Returns to the Riverwalk

If you haven’t already noticed, yet another sign of Spring has sprung in Naperville as the Dandelion Fountain has been re-installed along the Riverwalk at the corner of Jackson and Webster. 

To me, this fountain is a Naperville icon which symbolizes “community”.  The circular symmetry between the fountain and the fountain’s setting provides an area where people of all ages and from all walks of life can pause to relax and socialize.  In my mind, the symmetry is perhaps a reflection of our own world which bonds us all together utilizing the energy source of water as the focal point.  To my kids, it’s a great place to conduct water splashing experiments.

Regardless of your own perspective, there is certainly a sensory experience elicited by the Dandelion Fountain which reinforces Naperville’s strong commitment to community.


Photo by Stuart Meyer.

To learn more about the Riverwalk, visit   


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