In Praise of Naperville’s Gina Glocksen

When this season of American Idol began, I must confess that I was not that crazy about Gina Glocksen despite the fact she from Naperville.  While her voice was strong and her image right, it was more of how the edited show portrayed her attitude toward the competition, perhaps nudging her across the line in the early days from what was most likely excited confidence into the realm of perceived arrogance.  Maintaining a healthy sense of humble awe for one’s accomplishments in life is always the best policy as a dose of undiscriminating humility is always lurking around the corner for us all.  This perspective only magnifies itself under the intense microscope of the entertainment business as the aspiring struggle to manage perception through an unforgiving lens.    

Nonetheless, over the weeks as we had the opportunity to see more of Gina through the live show,  she did a solid job in representing and staying true to herself.  As she evolved, I was quite proud that she never lost that image of being a tough and talented mid-western girl.  Having danced briefly with the music industry out in L.A. myself in a former life, the institution commands a high level of hypnotic influence over the transitory legions of the hopefuls who embark upon the lonely yet well-worn path.  The pressure to shed the truth of one’s self in exchange for latest pre-fabricated mold is intense.  But Gina held true to the music and image which clearly has inspired her throughout her own life, which at the end of the day is what matters most, whether you are a multi-platinum selling artist or a morning shower crooner.

Regardless of where Gina ultimately lands in her life as the dust settles, I’m in hopes that the influence she has on the aspiring young talent in Naperville is showing the importance of staying true to one’s self and maintaining an uncompromising devotion to one’s passion in life regardless of where the road leads.  

To Gina, keep your musical passion strong, stay open to unexpected callings, never let anyone pressure you to remove your tongue piercing and may your road lead back to Naperville soon.         


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