Naperville Unwrapped

Today I’m pleased to announce the World of Naperville’s new Naperville Unwrapped category.   This category will uncover and examine not only the secrets behind Naperville’s successful rise to the top as one of the best places to live in America but, more importantly, will explore how our community can stay on top as oppposed to becoming a victim of it’s own success. 

From business leaders and business owners to community leaders to citizen activists and residents alike, Naperville Unwrapped  will provide a forum-based toolbox of insight, thought and ideas geared toward anyone wishing to benefit from a deeper understanding of the range of dynamics fueling Naperville’s present and future success.

My own love and passion of our community is simply a starting point for facilitating Naperville Unwrapped.  As a passionate marketing professional with a broad range of expertise in market research/strategy, consumer motivation/behavior, communications, public relations and politics, I’ve been able to approach my own understanding observation and analysis of Naperville’s community/business model over the past four years from the objective perspective of a non-native urban-to-suburban immigrant.

In a nutshell, I have the strongest of convictions in doing whatever I can to contribute to our community in helping Naperville continue to thrive and evolve as a world class community.  Great communities are built upon the conviction of those who humbly build upon the conviction and hard work of the visionary leaders of the past who have built what we enjoy, and sometimes take for granted, today.  I invite everyone out there to join in and participate in the coming days, weeks and months.



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