NCTV Finally Streams into this Naperville Home

Without venturing to deeply into one of the many nuances we discovered within our Naperville home upon moving in, let it suffice to say there was good news and bad news regarding our crawl space.  The good news was the previous owner did a top notch job completely finishing the crawl space with drywall, flooring and recessed lighting.  It has sort of been like living in a sequel to “Being John Malkovich” especially during holiday preparations, the dreaded annual garage sale or simply fishing my children out of this pint-size wonderland.  The bad news, for whatever reason, is they drywalled over our immediate access to our cable TV box. 

 As a result, instead of punching dusty holes in our lovely crawl space drywall, we were forced to opt for satellite TV instead of cable.  It used to be that satellite subscribers complained because they did not recieve local network affiliate stations, but for this Naperville junkie, I’ve lamented for years not being able to access the top-notch local Naperville programming on NCTV 17.  Many a day I have flipped through the Naperville Sun, only to be taunted by the robust NCTV programming schedule teasing me like a bag of fresh caramel popcorn being packed on the other side of the glass at Naper Nuts and Sweets. 

To this day, as of this very moment, I have never had the opportunity to watch NCTV despite my regular angst-ridden review of the robust programming line-up. 

As I write this post I am in the process of downloading the latest free version of Real Player preparing to view NCTV for the very first time.  Over time, I’ve mentally assembled a number of genius plans designed to get me in front of a cable TV screen which would provide me with an e-ticket straight to NCTV 17.  I envisioned volunteering to house sit for friends who had local cable.  My father-in-law moved to Naperville and I thought my day had arrived; however, I ended up spending hours in a futile attempt to lobby against his decision to go the satellite route in lieu of cable.  Like many a teenager in the 1980s proclaiming “I want my MTV”, I’ve found myself borrowing that page in professing “I just want my NCTV”.    

The Real Player download just finished it’s dizzying trip through countless wizard menus and I should be clear for lift off in streaming NCTV content for the very first time.  Please stand by…..

……..Moments pass….. BLOG silence please……..

Okay, I’m now seeing NCTV Executive Director Liz Spencer talking to a doctor from Lakeside Family Practice about nutrition.  The picture quality is quite good as the player began streaming upon connecting with .  The show just ended and now Mayor Pradel is on the screen at what appears to be a ribbon cutting at 123 South Washington…. wait a minute, the connection just timed out for the second time… I quickly reconnected and now a show called “Wealth Watchers” is on. 

Alright, I could get sucked into watching the programming and forget I’m writing this post but I need to get back to the World of Naperville.  By the way, the connection just timed out for the third time… *reconnect*… it appears it is timing out every couple of minutes.  Perhaps some minor glitches to be worked out, but overall I am thrilled to be able to connect with NCTV and look forward to catching more programming from here on out. 


Given the world of compositing technologies we live in, I couldn’t resist seeing if only for a mirage-induced moment what the World of Naperville might look like streaming on

Kudos to NCTV Executive Director Liz Spencer, her staff and ZEZAN Data Center for giving Napervillians the ability to access NCTV virtually anywere.  I noticed in the related article in Wednesday’s Naperville Sun plenty of references to connecting those who are outside Naperville or stuck somewhere in fifth DuPage dimension living somewhere between the always confusing “I’m a little bit Lisle and a little bit Naperville too”.  However, I must say there was no mention of perhaps the greatest barrier to NCTV which I have discussed here…. outsider satellite subscribers.

Again, you can access the brand new streaming NCTV at .  Happy streaming everyone!


2 responses to “NCTV Finally Streams into this Naperville Home

  1. Stuart –

    Thank you for your great article on NCTV17’s streaming video! How neat for another on-line communication medium to spotlight another! This is the wave of the future!

    I loved you MTV comment!

    Thanks again!

    Liz Spencer

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