I’d Rather Be At Quigley’s Pub Drinking a Pint of Guinness

First of all, a quick post to wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day.  Thanks to the winter storm, I’m sitting near my gate at Philadephia International Airport staring out at the frozen icy slush as our nation’s air travel system tries to get back off the ground here in the Northeast.  I’m sitting at a small out-of-place table near a small bar which stands near gate A7 in which a couple of rows of seats have been removed. 

As you might guess, since it is St. Patty’s day I am struggling to envision myself sitting at Quigley’s Pub on Jefferson Avenue sipping a fresh pint of Guinness in appropriate surroundings rather than slurping down the hastily can poured pseudo-pint of Guinness which sits in front of me in a plastic cup in this airport terminal.

When I moved out of Chicago, I too moved from my favorite pub haunt, The Irish Oak located on Clark Street over in Wrigleyville.  Nonetheless, I put off for the longest time dropping into Quigley’s when I moved to Naperville 4 years ago.  However, within 10 seconds of my first visit 2 years ago, I kicked myself for waiting so long.  With a brother-in-law from Ireland and a large family from back home who loves to visit Chicago, Guinness has become somewhat of a religion in my life.  Not that I drink that much, but there truly is something special about this dark and creamy wonder beverage.  During a trip to Ireland for my sister’s wedding, my wife and I payed homage to the Guinness Brewery and stuck to the “at least one-pint-per-day” standard.  Not to rub it in, but a pint of Guinness in Dublin at one of the many old old old pubs is almost an out-of-body mythical experience.    

If you are as pathetic as I was and have yet to pay a visit to Quigley’s for the best pint in the Western Suburbs, drop by soon.   http://www.quigleysirishpub.net/

For now, I will return to my blasphemous plastic pint which seems to be shouting at me in a thick Irish accent… “I’ve come all the way from Dublin, and this is the respect I get…”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Naperville… I’ll be home soon (???) 


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