Monthly Archives: August 2006

The Music of Queenie


I recently had the good fortune to discover the music of Naperville’s own Queenie, which gives me yet another reason to feel proud that I live in this city amidst surprisingly unique talent. Though I met her a couple of months ago as part of the Naperville Fusion Music Festival planning process, I only recently learned of her website which contains sample music tracks.

Her music could be described as ethereal and tranquil consisting of dreamlike layers of gentle instrumentation reminiscent of the New Age genre.  The combination of her melodies and harmonies within her angelic vocals at times stirs the soul with an air of wisdom and maturity.

My favorite track is entitled “In Disguise” which flows along like a beautiful dream with the occaisonal swell of melody with nice major to minor shifts which seem to provide a musical accent between lost innocence and acceptance.

One day independent music artists will stand tall and reach the audiences that have been longing to find the music that speaks to them.  Much progress has been made in mainstreaming independent music with much still to come.  One look at Queenie’s website and you will see that she is actively removing barriers from her music as well as utilizing technology to remove the barrier of distance in her collaboration with artists around the world.

I encourage you to check out her website at: