“Depressed” Mode Concert

Having been a Depeche Mode fan for 22 years, I was about to face the realization of a lifelong dream in having front row tickets to their 5/11 concert date at Allstate Arena last week.

Much like the dark and cold rainy day that day, the excitement of finally seeing my favorite band of 22 years up at the very front turned to shock and disbelief as news began to break that Depeche Mode was forced to cancel the show due to lead Singer Dave Gahan losing his voice.  Even worse, it is uncertain as to whether or not the date will even be rescheduled before the end of thier current "Playing the Angel" tour.

I think I have an unlucky streak when it comes to concerts.  Shortly after my youngest son, Ben, was born, Shelby and I had tickets to see Prince at the Allstate Arena back in the summer of 2004.  It would have been the first "night out" for us and we were pumped up.  We arrived at Allstate Arena and got in line to wait for the doors to open.  As many of you may recall, the doors never opened that night as Prince was forced to cancel that show as well.  However, he was gracious enough to come back to Chicago a few months later and make up the show.  Tragically, I had an unavoidable out-of-town meetings and we had to miss the show.  Shelby loves Prince in the same way I've loved Depeche Mode these many years.

If only that was where the story ends.  When I was in college at the University of Kentucky, Bruce Springsteen was on tour and had a concert date in Lexington, KY at Rupp Arena.  I had looked forward to the concert for months.  The day of the concert, you guessed it, "the boss" cancelled the show because of his own vocal problems.  He never rescheduled.

The lesson to be learned from this story… actually, there is no lesson other than it's really disappointing when this happens… and for me, it's happened a little too much.

Nonetheless, I have maintained hope and have issued my plea on the official Depeche Mode message board pleading for them to reschedule.  

I realize this story doesn't have much to do with Naperville, other than instead of seeing DM on Thursday, I instead joined Shelby for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen over at Cantera.  Of course, CPK is actually in Warrenville so that doesn't count either.  Nonetheless, I felt compelled to share my story perhaps to alleviate my disappointment a bit. 


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