Who Stole Naperville’s Dandelion Fountain?

Fear not, our cherished dandelion fountain is fully intact along the Riverwalk.  During a trip to Reims, France last year I was shocked to discover a slightly larger dandelion fountain along the Place Drouet D'Erlon amongst many open air cafes, restaurants and, of course, patesseries.  Of course, being the Naperville geek that I am, I instantly began snapping pictures and drew the comparison to Naperville as my wife affectionately rolled her eyes.  I guess Reims does have almost 2,000 years of history over us as well as all the great champagne houses.  On a side note, I couldn't help but pass the picture along to Naperville Community Planner Dan Di Santo and the rest of our hard working professionals at Transportation/Engineering/Development (TED) for their enjoyment.  I met the hard-working staff at TED a couple of weeks ago during my participation in the 2006 Naperville Citizen Academy. 



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