ORIGIN of my Naperville ArtsVision

originally posted 5/03/06 

One thing anyone would quickly notice is that Naperville offers many arts opportunities regardless of what you are looking for.  From the concerts of Ribfest to the DuPage Symphony Orchestra to the regular weekend live music and Frankie’s Blue Room to the Riverwalk Arts Festival to the main stage at Last Fling.  In addition to a strong Jazz program at North Central College and grammy award winning high schools, though, there is something I believe Naperville is missing.

Amidst the many arts opportunities, I think Naperville is still searching for its unique heart and soul in its original arts “vibe”.  The good news, is Naperville is poised to move to the next chapter in the history of its arts community.  My dream is to help facilitate opportunities and develop facilities that provide creative space for the many forms of artists that already live in Naperville, from photographers and painters to songwriters, composers and filmmakers.  We have a solid foundation to be built upon.

I envision Ravinia meets the Old Town School meets new innovative experiential and experimental arts space.  We’ve built a skate park for kids, why not creative space for all generations to come together to create and share their original art.  You can go to any Chicago suburb and experience a variety of arts that mimic and emulate other artists, but not too many suburbs with an original arts vibe that is celebrated in the same vein as cities like Austin, Texas.

Being a composer, songwriter, photographer and filmmaker myself, I see tremendous potential and support for someting original that our community could rally around and celebrate.  In my mind, artists represent the heart and soul of any community and that is something I would love to see Naperville attracting. 


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